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[Colony 933]
January 11-20, 2018
Novo Coffee
Denver, CO

Awarded RedLine Residency

September 2017-August 2019

RedLine Contemporary Art Center fosters education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change. RedLine's foundational program, the Artist Residency is a two-year residency for 15-18 emerging, contemporary artists. In addition to mentorship, career development, and promotion, artists receive fully subsidized studio spaces, which provides financial flexibility and frees artist to explore and experiment without commercial constraints. Come visit me in my new art home!


PlatteForum Residency

Borderlandia is an immersive performance experience that claims, controls and imagines space while fashioning a map to find home. Made in residence at PlatteForum (Denver, CO).

XX: Where’s the Power?

A performance by Lauren Beale, Ondine Geary, Brooke McNamara, and Kate Speer

XX: Where's the Power? exercises our readiness to turn on, transfer, and transmute power through unhinged, corporeal dissent against the patriarchal grab. In this evening of performance, we slam our heartbroken and hungry bodies into the body politic to access our own interior pulse and reconnect to something larger than fear. In an effort to confront the very nature of insecurity, we ask, "Where's the power?" What follows is an absurd ride through hysteria, struggle, grief, and release as we search for the possibility of a higher love.

Space Within These Lines Not Dedicated

Just a little teaser to satisfy your curosity...

Depicting a multi-ethnic community (reminiscent of Sarajevo under siege during the Bosnian War) in which neighbors and friends redraw boundary lines, The Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated creates insiders and outsiders, including the audience in these designations. In order to reveal the absurdity of arbitrary geographical lines and national orientation, the dancers share stories of loss through text and movement, constructing, recalling, and erasing the audience’s collective memory.

Sticks & Stones

Co-choreographed by Rachel Oliver and Kate Speer

Sticks & Stones from Kate Speer on Vimeo.

Thank You!

Funding for Sticks & Stones was made possible by the generous contributions from:

Laura Amon Brooke Gessay Marjory Levitt Jeremy Sato
Lauren Beale Lia Giannosa Lauren Ramsey Lewis Wendy Schlotterbeck
Rene and Pamella Beliveau Julie Gilbreath Amelia Longo Jordie Sehestedt
Nathan Blackwell Becky Godby Mona Martinez Bob Shannon
Benjamin Blonder Anna Grant Barb Mathison Joanne M. Sharpe
Sarah Bowers Cameron Growden Jeanine McCain Rob Sjoberg III
Judy Bretschneider Charles & Barbara Grunden Dan McKinnon Bob & Ewa Stein
Michelle Brodeur Julie Gryguc Jillian M. Merrill Leah Stein
Lee & Robin Brown Rowen Haigh Erin Mishoe Judy Stock
Caitlin <3s Kate Elizabeth & Michael Hansen Anne-Marie Mulgrew Emily Stuber
Rachel Merz & Brian Clark Barry Harel Chrissy & Mike Nelson Sharon Van Boven
Peg Hoffman & Jim Cogan Betsy & Joel Hawes Betty & Dwayne Oliver Scott & Debbie Van Noy
Amanda Costner Scott & Vanessa Hood Neva Oliver Jill Van Noy
Frank & Jess Coulter Jacob Horger Jessica Pearson Andrew L. Varnell
Sharon & Art Divell Katie Houff Meg Perry Jan & Bill W.
Michelle Ellsworth Karen A. Kaufmann Van Pham Maren Waldman
Peg Gulrich & Harry Ezell Matt, Keri, and Lyric Kelly Kat & Steve Phillips Arielle Weiler
Sarah Bryan & David Fask Mary Kirchman Pamela Pish Molly Westenberg
Marcel Williams Foster Bob & Nancy Kleckner Lillian & Ben Pubols Leah Wilks
Wendy Franz Maggie Koller Laurie Randall Corlett Wolfe Wood
Joy French Jacqueline Krieger Barbara Riley Brenda Wylie
Rick Speer & Judy Frost Martin Lautz Lisa Rothstein
Nicholas George Benjamin Law Tara Rynders

Musings on Charisma & Funkativity

David Dorfman Dance is currently touring Prophets of Funk, a dance work that follows the rise, demise, and redemption of Funk composer and musician Sly Stewart using a collage of hits from his band, Sly & the Family Stone. Invested in this loose biographical narrative are the culture of the black Pentecostal Church, the tradition of transcendence and testifying, and the creation of Sly Stewart as a charismatic prophet. Discover the depth of the work by reading my recent writings:


Across the literature, Sly Stewart is referred to as the "most popular Pentecostal mystic" in the country or "part shaman, part preacher, part trickster, [and] part soul brother." His "vivacious banter and infectious positivity complimented by a strikingly deep voice that could soar and scorch your soul in an instant" speaks to a charisma or an "it" quality that captivated both white and black audiences across America.

In Prophets of Funk, Raja Kelly, who portrays the youthful Sly, exudes this strange magnetism when he disappears completely into the character of Sly Stewart. With the same gesture, Kelly is able to possess contradictory qualities such as being tall and lanky with immense coordination and rhythmical acuity, "linking male 'sexual domination' with 'vulnerability' in the same hot breath."

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Dance for Camera — November 2011

Life as a grad student gives me so many opportunities to experiment with the process of creation. This is my first exploration into dance for camera. I had a wonderful, supportive colleague, Charlie Dando, to help with the videography. I think I'm hooked to this new multimedia discipline.

Fidelity from Kate Speer on Vimeo.