Kate Speer: dancer, choreographer, writer

"where's my location in this staggering field of information"
Bill T. Jones


March 20 – May 11, 2017

During my residency at PlatteForum, I am developing a new immersive performance experience that examines Denver’s segregation and gentrification. As I bike around Denver, I am struck by the clear racial and ethnic segregations between neighborhoods. Also being a white female of the hipster generation, I am also aware of my movement and how easily (and comfortably) I can pass in the newly gentrified neighborhoods. These observations have raised the following questions: How do spaces become racialized? How are borders (even the invisible ones) enforced? And what can citizens of Denver do to develop better equity and culturally responsiveness within these neighborhoods? I have been working with students from the Colorado I Have a Dream Ruby Hill Strive Prep Program who have contributed to the set design and props used in the final performance.

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 11th, doors open 6pm, performance at 6:30

Additional Shows
Friday, May 19th, doors open 7pm, performance at 7:30
Saturday, May 20th, doors open 7pm, performance at 7:30

Performances are free and open to the public, no RSVP required.

2400 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80205

XX: Where's the Power?

Excerpt as part of Feminism & Co. Weekend at MCA

May 25 at 7pm

Tickets available online

A performance by Lauren Beale, Ondine Geary, Brooke McNamara, and Kate Speer

XX: Where's the Power? exercises our readiness to turn on, transfer, and transmute power through unhinged, corporeal dissent against the patriarchal grab. In this evening of performance, we slam our heartbroken and hungry bodies into the body politic to access our own interior pulse and reconnect to something larger than fear. In an effort to confront the very nature of insecurity, we ask, "Where's the power?" What follows is an absurd ride through hysteria, struggle, grief, and release as we search for the possibility of a higher love.

This project funded in part by the Boulder County Arts Alliance.

Lauren Beale, Brooke McNamara, Ondine Geary, and Kate Speer juggle multiple identities as performance artists, choreographers, improvisers, teachers, and some of us as mama bears. We met at CU-Boulder in the Dance MFA program, where we shared an interest in performance art that merges theater and dance to create meaning. Our collaboration thrives on our mutual sense of rigorous inquiry in the creative process, attentiveness to the audience-performer exchange, and our self-discipline to keep asking, to keep learning, and to keep arriving fully.